Is it necessary for me to have an estimate?

The best way to give you an accurate price for any move is to meet with a certified move consultant, like  the Wm Meyer’s sale team. So many variables can factor into the estimate for your move. For example: travel times, packing, if your home is easily accessible for our truck and personnel, how many people it will take to complete your move in a timely manner, etc. An in-home estimate your assurance of an accurate quote and no move day surprises.

Do you take precautions to keep my home clean and dry?

We provide floor covering for both the old home and new home. Whether it is cardboard for hardwood or tile, runners for your carpets, massonite for marble, or all of the above. This is at no additional cost to our clients. We want to protect your home just as much as you.

Do you charge for carton deliveries or debris pick-ups?

We deliver all the materials you will need at no charge after you’ve scheduled your moving date with us. After the completion of your move and you’ve had time to unpack and get settled in, Meyers Movers will make one debris pick-up at no cost to you.

If I have a claim on my move, how is that process handled?

Our experience and expertise enables us to avoid most claims.  But should something get damaged during the move, please make a call to our office. We will then mail you a claim form, you have to fill it out in its entirety, mail it back to our office, and the claim process will begin from there. You have 90 days to file your claim.

What happens if something gets damaged to the property itself?

The law states that movers are 100% responsible for any and all property damage. Examples of property damage are but not limited to: wall damage, floor damage, yard damage, etc. We will make the best efforts to get this repaired ASAP!

Why am I being charged travel times if I’m only moving a short distance?

Travel times are calculated by zip codes. The travel time is from our warehouse to your current residence and then from your new home back to our warehouse. You will be charged a flat rate based on the zip codes this is to offset some of our expenses for example: fuel, tolls, cost of equipment and personnel.

Can I leave the items in the drawers?

Sure, as long as you remove all breakables, valuables, and any magazines or books. These items need to be packed separately.

Are their any items that the movers can’t put on the truck?

Anything that’s flammable or combustible for example: propane tanks (even if purged), aerosols, matches, oil based paints and wood finishes, gas cans, motor oils, bleach, ammonia, and fertilizers. Also keep in mind that any items you may have great concern about for example: family photos, jewelry, collections, etc. you may choose to hand carry.

What are the guidelines when it comes to packing myself?

Our theory is if it fits in a box, put it in a box. Always pack lamps and shades separately. If you have floor lamps remove the shade, harp and bulbs and pack together in a box. All stereo equipment, video equipment, computer components, remotes, lamps, etc must be packed and sealed with tape in a box. Please do not use plastic/garbage bags to pack items. This becomes more time consuming for the movers to carry and they can tear easily. Label the boxes to where you would like them in the new home. This will save you time, the movers’ time, and you as a consumer, money in the long term. The heavier the item the smaller the box with the exception of china and crystal, they need to be packed in dish packs.

Will the movers disassemble my furniture?

Absolutely, anything that Meyers Movers takes apart will be put back together and properly placed in the new home. Please keep in mind that we are furniture movers and not plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Third party services are available for these non-moving needs.

For an accurate estimate, or additional information regarding your upcoming move, please complete our On Line Estimate Request form or call our professional relocation consultants at 630-773-0400.

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